Dezera R.B. Davis, Author

Cozy Mystery, Science Fiction and Fiction

Cozy Mystery series to debut 2018. Adventurous Science Fiction series to debut in 2020. Cozy Cookbook; and tools for writers


About The Author

Dezera R.B. Davis is a Michigan based Writer, Author, Fine Artist and Nature Photographer. Hobbies include writing poetry, song lyrics, and research. 

Dezera enjoys most genres of music, watching movies and talking sci-fi. She loves new technology, and old Hollywood glamour. Dezera is also the proud mama of a crazy, stubborn, handsome, and loving American Bulldog – Bilbo E. Mortimer Davis. 

Dezera through her Literary and artistic works hopes to create pieces that move you to explore your own creative and artistic side, whether that means appreciation, sharing with others, developing your personal craft or using it as a launch pad to bigger and better dreams. 

If you seek, I hope you find, When you find I hope you know, and when you know, I pray you hold onto the feeling, but share the gift!    

Inspiration and Tools

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Where To Purchase

Fiction: Eternal Essence of Being - Set in a 1970's theme - following a young man who found his way into a world that both tested his measure of enough; and taught him that every man must determine and find what in love, life, friendship and the wealth of all things is truly his own enough. This quirky, witty, soul journey will keep you entertained, intrigued, and thinking about your own measurement tools for knowing when you are way too funky for less. 

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